Trip to Virginia Beach, Day 1

Oct. 16

Mom and I took a trip to Virginia Beach, Va. on Wed. to visit a relative who turned 90. We had such a great time listening to stories about my grandparents and meeting her friends.

On our first day, we went to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens with Kimberlee and her daughter Erin, almost 3. The 155 acres garden dates back to 1938 was absolutely beautiful! We learned that the garden has over 250,000 azaleas… and they’re huge. I wish my azaleas could grow half the height of the ones out there. We stopped in the rose garden to see Mimi’s favorite rose, the Queen Elizabeth. She swears that this rose is impossible to kill, but I’ll say she has a much greener thumb b/c I planted a couple after my last visit and they’re loooooooooong gone.

After the garden tour, Mimi wanted to take us to see the beach. After all, what’s a trip to Virginia Beach if we can’t dip our feet in the Atlantic? We spent an hour or so riding our bike up and down the boardwalk and snapping photos.

To end the day, we gave Mimi her birthday gift… a scrapbook full of family photos. Mom and I are not scrapbookers, but we had such a blast putting this one together. I think Mimi really enjoyed looking at all the old photos of everyone who loves her. She’s a truly amazing woman and I’m so fortunate to have her as an influence in my life.

Kimberlee, Erin and Mimi at the gardens.

Mom, Mimi and yours truly.

WOW! the water was cold!

We rode past this guy when he was laying beside his bike in the grass. I think Mimi woke him up from his nap when she said, pretty loudly, that she wondered if he was dead.

The flintstone mobile… and yes, she pedaled. I wish I’d had a video camera to record the expressions of those we biked past! Not bad for 90.

Mimi and Mom by Neptune.

Laughing at old photos.


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Sharon’s New Lifereply
October 20, 2008 at 12:51 pm

Hey, you were in my part of the country! I love Virginia Beach… and yep, the weather was freezing when we were there a few weeks ago so I’m not surprised you experienced the same thing.
The pictures were wonderful… and I love the detail of the old man on the bike… that’s classic!

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