10 things you probably didn’t know about this Arkansas photographer.

Self portrait of Arkansas based photographer, Beth Hall, in her studio in Fayetteville.
  1. Even though I grew up in Little Rock, I spent my childhood summers on my grandparent’s peach farm in Greenbrier where we tended to 5,000 trees at a you-pick-em orchard.
  2. I sometimes drove my grandpa’s giant diesel to the Farmer’s Market in Little Rock to sell peaches on Saturday mornings.
  3. I can play the fiddle.
  4. I have lived in Arkansas my entire life, except for a summer in Italy for a study abroad program to study art. 
  5. I love to be outside and active. When my son was 10, we climbed Mt. Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado and second highest in the lower 48.
  6. I came in first and last place in an Xterra triathlon. No, I wasn’t the only one competing.
  7. During a photoshoot, I told a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to take off his shirt. I got blank stares before I realized I said shirt and not jacket.
  8. I love to fly fish and enjoy tying flies.
  9. I once hitchhiked with an Alabama State Trooper to a football game after my rental car broke down. Proud to say I made it before kickoff and was still able to cover the game!
  10. I was with my son when he shot his first deer, and I cried…. he still makes fun of me about that one.

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