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I look forward to certain projects each year and always hope that I am asked to photograph them again, and one of them is Powerful Women for AY Magazine. I love the chance to meet each of these women and hear their stories of success, and life. Each one is nominated for a different reason, so it makes each experience and photo unique.

Environmental portrait of April Seggebruch.

April Seggebruch, VP of Finance Operations at Movista, was recognized for her outstanding entrepreneurial achievements. April is a very busy person, but when we finally coordinated schedules, we had a great time. She’s a good one for a laugh!

Brenda Gullett, owner of Brenda Gullett Associates, was nominated for her work in education. As we were shooting, Brenda talked about her sons and we realized that I was friends with her youngest son. I’m not really sure why I didn’t put it together before the shoot, but it sure made for a great ice breaker. I really enjoyed talking with her and learning her trick for a great smile in her photographs. “YES!”

Brenda Gullett poses for a photo in her home on Monday, February 3, 2014, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. (Beth Hall)

The fnal person I photographed for Powerful Women was Martha D. Moore, owner of McCormick Works Inc. and Seal Tite of Arklahoma LLC. I love that at the last minute Martha decided not to wear her suit, and put on more everyday attire including her hog hunting hat. I think one of the most important things when having your photo taken, is to be you… and be comfortable. I photographed Martha following several days of snow in Northwest Arkansas, and it seems that the only time it snowed was during our shoot. It was a cold, but fun shoot.

Environmental portrait of Martha D. Moore on a large piece of equipment.

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