Beaver Lake House – Interior Photography

Over the summer, I photographed a house on Beaver Lake for AY Magazine. Prior to the shoot, we spoke with the owners and found out that one of their favorite things to do was to get up early, sit on the porch and watch the sun rise. So naturally, we decided that we should arrive before sunrise and be ready to shoot the favorite part of their house. It was very early, but very worth it.

The sky was clear that morning, which ended up making an interesting photo of the orange sky that carried through the photo as it reflected off the slate floor. I kind of wish there had been a few clouds just to add a bit more to the sky, and maybe make color-correcting in photoshop a little easier.

The interior of the house was very natural with the materials used and the large windows.  I couldn’t help but think that I was lucky that it was an overcast day to help in balancing out the light. I was thankful, though, that the sun popped out just long enough to add a little contrast to the dining room and the detail image of the leaf tiles in used in the back splash.
The homeowners were so gracious, offering coffee and even a ride on their boat so we could take a photo looking back at the house.
Editorial photography is always fun. I think mostly because every job has to be approached different from the previous ones. While what I learn from each job can be carried to the next, I’m never in the same situation. I think I really enjoy the challenge, constant thinking and the creativity involved in each job.