Random shots from April – editorial and commercial photographer

The photos in my “for blog” folder on my desktop have been accumulating for the past few weeks. I thought I’d do an Ivester post, and put them all up at once…

April 21st- Profile shot of Toni Thorn, bi-lingual counselor at Heritage High in Rogers, for Alumni Magazine.

April 30- Reception to honor Arkansas Razorback Seniors for the University of Arkansas athletic department.

April 20- Ni-O-Ka-Ska creek dedication at Root Elementary in Fayetteville for the Osage News.

April 11- Bogle Park Dedication Ceremony before the Arkansas vs. LSU softball game for the University of Arkansas athletic department.

This park is AMAZING! I can’t get over all of the facilities at the U of A, and this is the latest, greatest one.

Marilyn Bogle reacts as head coach Jamie Pinkerton shows her an honorary jersey.