Ice Storm 2009 – Fayetteville, Arkansas – Editorial photographer

There are no words that really describe what it looks like here in Fayetteville… at least no words from someone who dislikes writing.

A huge ice storm hit last night and destroyed trees and power lines. We stood outside yesterday afternoon and listened to the trees break throughout the neighborhood… it was very surreal.

I got out today to shoot some photos for the AP and thought I’d post them to give an idea of what our area looks like… I’ve never seen anything like this.

The above photo is of a car driving down our street yesterday. The photo below is also from yesterday, of our neighbor’s house. This doesn’t compare to what it looks like today… the tree to the right no longer has any limbs.

The next couple of photos are from the arboretum on Old Main lawn.

The next photo was taken on Greg Street in Fayetteville. It looks pretty normal until you realize that one of the cars is driving on the wrong side of the mustand and mayo. The weight of the ice caused the trees to bend over both lanes of south bound traffic.

This amazing tree was found on Old Wire Road. Cars had to take turns to drive through this winter wonderland.

Woolsey… of course it was closed.

This guy was clearing out the fallen debris from in front of his house in the historic district… yes, there’s a house in all that mess.

This photo was taken near Wilson Park. Compare the size of the people to the size of the branch stuck on top of the utility pole… that’s a big limb!



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Marc F. Henningreply
January 29, 2009 at 5:18 pm

really nice photos Beth. the photo of the truck driving under the arched tree was the lead ice storm photo on Yahoo today.

hope you get your power back soon.

January 29, 2009 at 6:03 pm

I came across that after transmitting from Zac’s house (thank you zac!!!). It crossed my mind not to send it b/c of the ordeal of finding power and wireless. I ended up meeting April in the AC/DC section of Hastings… she needed a power outlet and that was the only open one. I wish I had taken my camera inside to get a shot of her sitting next to AC/DC and Hello Kitty. Glad I ended up sending it, I’m sure I’ll never see something like that again.

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