NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships – Sports Photographer

I’m finally putting up some photos from the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships that were held June 10th-13th. It was the first time I’ve covered the outdoor event, and though it was fun, it was a bit overwhelming at times. It’s kind of interesting to shoot for the AP b/c I really don’t have any direction… I can shoot anything and anyone that I want. While it’s really nice to have this freedom, I sometimes feel like I can’t quite get into the groove of things. By the end, I was really enjoying the event and the athletes I photographed. Hopefully Arkansas will host the event again, and maybe next time the rain will corporate a little better!

Let’s start the pictures off by saying… if I was a pole vaulter, I wouldn’t want to be this guy!

We had a rain delay on the first day, and I was amazed at the prep work to get the field ready for the athletes after the rain…. squeegees and blowers everywhere!


and Field…

And the winner is… Texas A&M. The men’s and women’s teams swept the event.