Fun Times – Personal

Hap and I had a fun hike on the Shaddox Trail in Hobbs State Park back in March. I thought I’d put up a few photos from our adventure.

Nothing like hanging out in the car during a rain storm… I just don’t know what we would’ve done without that movie on the iphone! (now, if our tent pad hadn’t been flooded when we arrived, we would’ve pitched the tent and had fun in there… we just had to make due in the back of the Subaru Outback).

My other exciting adventure was the annual Mountain Bike Festival at Devil’s Den State Park. I look forward to the women’s ride every year, and I had the honor of leading a group of fun women on the ride! It’s a great time to get together and test new skills, laugh and stop to look at the flowers.

The lovely/muddy ladies on the women’s ride stopped for a photo in front of Lee Creek.

So this next series is classic and shot by my father… I checked the level of the creek on Friday night, a little anxious that I needed to make it across since I was leading the ride (I set the bar a little too high when I made the crossing last year). When it came time for the final creek crossing I went for it, but didn’t take into account the 2 inches of rain that came down the night before. OOPS! Talk about hitting a hole!

But I will say… check out the end of the ride on Sunday!