Archives – Stock Photographer

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting my archives organized. I decided to dedicate the month of July to cleaning up the last 11 months of mess.

I came across this image of my nieces and nephew from last fall at the beach and I was instantly taken back to that moment. I love when looking at a photo brings back all of the sounds, smells and emotions of a time from the past.

This was a fun moment for me and the kids. It was our last morning on the beach and I took all 5 kids out to feed the seagulls one last time… and it turns out I gave the kids a great big laugh. I decided to stand among the birds and have the kids throw popcorn at me. This seemed like a great idea until the moment I lowered my camera from my face, and BAM! A bird few smack into my face, knocked me over and bent my glasses. I can still recall the feeling of it’s squishy belly and feathers. And yes mom, this could only happen to me. Maybe not one of my cooler moments in front of the kids but definitely a funny one. I’m pretty sure my family only keeps my around for entertainment purposes… and family photos.

Children feed sea gulls on the beach. (Beth Hall)