Astoria Column in Oregon – Travel Photography

A man throws an airplane from the observation deck of the Astoria Column that overlooks the town of Astoria, Oregon in August of 2013. (Beth Hall)


Vacation this summer took me out of the heat of the South and into the beautiful weather of the West Coast. During our travels through Washington and Oregon, we took our usual scenic route. As a photographer, my traveling is rarely about the destination and more about what I find along the way.

We made a stop in Astoria, Oregon, and took time to visit the Astoria Column where we climbed the 164-step spiral staircase to the observation deck. The view of the town below, and the mouth of the Columbia River, was spectacular.

While looking at things is great, throwing things from the top of a 125 foot tower is much better… and they encourage it there. In fact, they supply the things to throw! We purchased wooden airplanes and sailed them from the top of the tower. Wesley’s sailed through the air and landed in a nearby tree… mine was an embarrassment as it made a nose dive straight to the ground.


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