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Long story short, I shot these water photos with the lyrics, “Ripple in still water, When there is no pebble tossed, Nor wind to blow,” running though my mind. I was thinking about our dear friend Josh and how fitting it was that his cousin sang that song at his funeral.

Marcus, Hap and I only knew Josh for a few months before he passed away in August while hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He was an amazing guy, and as time passes on I realize just how much I will miss his friendship… and his crooked smile.

The first time I really spent with Josh was during the Fat Tire Mountain Bike Festival in Eureka Springs. For us, the event is full of a lot of work following by lots of play. It’s a weekend where every little bit of help makes a difference, and Josh jumped right in like he’d always been there. He made the event fun and full of laughter.

He made his biggest impression on me during the race to the lake on Sunday. It’s a 14 mile mntn. bike ride that starts in downtown Eureka Springs and ends at Lake Leatherwood. There were 3 of us that rode that day, and we decided to “stay together…” although Josh was the only one who really waited on me to catch up. I’ll never forget riding by myself, rounding a corner and there was Josh. Standing beside the trail waiting on me. Who does that?


Josh had lived in Fayetteville for a year and had begun a post doctoral fellowship in hydrology at the University of Arkansas, volunteered ever Saturday for Spay and Neuter Arkansas, introduced all of us to grilled okra and always had time for his friends near and far.

He was truly an amazing person and kind spirit that has been missed every day he hasn’t been with us!

On a lighter note, here are a few photos I shot of the frost flowers the other morning. In case you’re curious…


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December 17, 2009 at 5:56 am

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty,
If your cup is full may it be again,
Let it be known there is a fountain,
That was not made by the hands of men.