Arkansas Athletics – Sports Photographer

In the past couple of months I have been busy shooting photos for the 19 different sports at the University of Arkansas. While there have been numerous, not so glamorous “mug” shots, I thought I would upload some of the more entertaining shots from my outings. It has been fun to work with the athletes from each of the sports, and work on pushing myself to create images. Some days I feel successful… other days, not.

I really had to think about what photos to post this time. I finally decided to edit down to the ones that I thought most represented me, and leave out the ones that I thought were more “common.”

For a lot of the sports we only shoot one day, so we have to get mug shots, action shots and detail photos for use throughout the season. On top of that, has an odd photo size at 16×9 for the main photo, so it adds to the thinking process. What will fit the hole, and what would be a nice photo to lead into a future story.

I had a blast shooting the women’s golf team, but I’m kind of partial since my friend Shauna is the coach. We had fun shooting at their amazing facility and walking around the course photographing the girls! I’m looking forward to next year!

Men’s cross country at the Agri park.

Women’s volleyball.

Ok, I must say I had the most fun shooting women’s basketball. The U of A is setting up a TV studio with a green screen, and the girls were very entertaining with the poses… This one is my favorite!

And this one is my second favorite… I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play on a green screen!