About Me, Beth Hall


The two things that define my life are being a photographer and being a mom.

I used to have a bio that was full of all of my accomplishments, but it was too impersonal. It was boring and dry, and to be honest it was overdone. If you’re on my page, you can see my images and client list and know that I have the experience. I remember taking my first assignment for National Geographic Traveler and the editor’s compliment when she said, “we know you can shoot.”
And while I could shoot anything, I’ve spent a long time working to refine my skills in photographing people, food, interiors and agriculture. Why these areas? Because I really enjoy them and do a good job, but my selfish reason is that I can look back and see how I have grown by focusing on these areas. I meet the neatest people, hear the best stories, eat the best foods and sometime my clients let me travel to amazing places I wouldn’t get to experience otherwise. Farms on back county roads in the middle of nowhere are some of my favorite places.
I have practiced until I can’t get it wrong, and learned a lot along the way. Sometimes it’s about: not being the best, but being the best to be around • helping in areas of a photoshoot that weren’t a line item on an estimate • becoming a team with people I just met to create the best product for a client • being on time, or better yet being early.
Thanks for taking a moment to read up on me. I’d love to chat sometime about your next project.