Ice Storm – Northwest Arkansas – Editorial Photographer

Gov. Mike Beebe came to Fayetteville today to check out the damage from the ice storm. I thought he was going to tour the area, but I think he only stopped at Drake field for a press conference before heading to Harrison. I bet an aerial view of the area was amazing!

They arrived in two black hawks and it was nice that they scared up some birds to add a little more to the frame.

I really liked the way the light came through the folding screen and the graphic elements it added to the background.

Mount Sequoyah.

Historic district.

The last picture cracks me up! Hap and I were driving to the store at sunset and I moved my camera around in the front seat. He yelled for me to take a picture, so I snapped a frame without focusing or adjusting my exposure (I was on manual). Amazingly it worked out to be pretty cool!