Thoughts from another photographer

“There are two kinds of photographers — the ones who take pictures for a magazine to earn something, and the others who gain by taking pictures they are interested in. I am the second kind. I don’t believe in the in-between success of becoming famous as quickly as possible. I believe in the end-success of a man’s work as developing into a real human being, aware of the connection in life between our earth and the cosmos; a person able to understand the mistakes, and to admire the achievements, of other people… I have always felt better taking a risk rather than an easier route, for what I believe in. I am young enough to do that and I am full of energy and hope to reach my goal. I prefer to be noticed, some day, first for my ideas and second for my good eye… Maybe you will think I have not got my two feet quite on the ground. But if a photographer wants to show an overall, he must find a shooting point higher up… What I want is to stay free, so that I can carry out my ideas… I don’t think there are many editors who could give me the assignments I give myself.” ~Ernst Haas

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