Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Auburn Tigers- college football photography

Arkansas played Auburn on Oct. 8 and won 38-14. This was my first home game to cover this year, and it was nice to be on the sidelines… though it seemed like there was an excessive amount of people who all tried my patience!

To be honest, I’m so far behind on updating my blog, that I can’t really remember anything from the game. I just remember walking down the sidelines before the start and running into my little boy. He was at the game with his dad, and got to watch the team warm up before the start. Fun to run into him, and fun to shoot a couple of picts with him on the sidelines! They’re included in the slideshow.

Arkansas v Auburn – Images by Beth Hall

Arkansas v Auburn – Images by Beth Hall

Ok Jason, let’s see if you really do check my posts! Nice shirt!!!

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