Arkansas Razorback Spring Football Game – Sports Photographer

A lot has changed here in “Razorback country.” Bobby Petrino is out, Taver Johnson was interim head coach and now John. L. Smith has been named head coach for the 2012 football season.

The Hogs played their annual spring Red vs. White game on Saturday following Razorfest. While the day was absolutely beautiful as a fan, it was horrible as a photographer. 2 o’clock bright sun is not the easiest to photograph, especially when white uniforms are involved.  I spent most of the first and second quarter trying to get a decent photograph of Tavor Johnson, interim head coach. His ball cap and the bright sun were not working in my favor! Most of my time at the game was spent looking at the light, and trying to make the best of it. Lighting is probably not what comes to mind first when talking about sports photography… but it’s amazing how it can make or break a photo.

My afternoon was not spent trying to get the best action photos, but trying to get a few nice images of the coach and potential Heisman candidates Knile Davis and Tyler Wilson. While I spent time trying to get a couple of decent action photos, I also photographed a new Arkansas Razorback cheerleader who has a prosthetic leg. Very cool that she is on the squad. We are lucky that the spirit squads at Arkansas are exceptionally nice. It’s amazing how many rude people you can run into while working on the sidelines, and the squads at Ark. are always wonderful and easy to work with. I can’t say the same about the Iowa State Cheerleaders.

The highlight of my day was having my photo taken with former Razorback and current Green Bay Packer D.J. Williams. I photographed D.J. several years ago for a local publication and after talking with him, I began to secretly cheer for him on the sidelines. I say secretly because as a member of the media I am supposed to be unbiased, and as a female I just make it a rule not to socialize with coaches or players. It’s amazing how many girls have come and gone on the sidelines, and made it a little more difficult for me to be viewed as a professional. Look at the incident that just happened here with Bobby Petrino and Jessica Dorrell… If you haven’t read the article by Christianne Harder on, please take a minute to read it. During my time as a photographer I’ve had a lot of very inappropriate comments made. I realize that it’s just part of the industry I would like to work in. Is it fair? I’m not going to go there, I will just continue to make adjustments in my professional life so I can do the job I love and not let the comments bother me. I’ll just stick with the advice of my former boss who put it so well when he told me “you’re not there to make friends.” It might seem harsh or “focused” to some people, but it has worked well for me.

Anyhow, I’ll hop off my soapbox not and here are my images from the day for US Presswire.

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Arkansas Razorback Spring Football Game – Images by Beth Hall

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