About the Photographer

Arkansas Portrait Photographer

About the Photographer

Beth Hall Photography is the culmination of my experience and love of photography. It is not just what I do, it is who I am.

I’ve worked as a professional photographer in Northwest Arkansas for almost two  decades. After starting out in a studio then submerging myself in the human experience for seven years as a photojournalist, I started Beth Hall Photography in 2006. As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life. Through Beth Hall Photography, I’ve been doing what I love as a commercial, editorial, product and food photographer. I use my eye to capture the art and essence of others.


Though it is possible to learn how to use a camera through trial and error, to become a great photographer, I believe you must learn from others in a formal setting. My education began at the University of Arkansas where I earned a B.A. in photography and graphic design in 1999. Throughout my career, I have consistently won awards in state and regional photography competitions from both the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and the Arkansas Press Photographers Association (APPA). Along the way, I have taken every opportunity to advance my skills and learn from those around me.

What I know is that photography is both an art and a science. The more a photographer understands the science of photography (composition and light as well as the technical capabilities of the equipment), the greater the art they are able to create. As someone who has dedicated myself to my art, I have developed the precision of a scientist. I know what I am able to capture and am able to provide that art to my clients when and where they need it.


Photography is more than just being able to take a good picture. Photography requires personal interaction. An easy going manner and likeable personality go a long way towards putting people at ease. When people are comfortable, their true personality shines through and the photograph can reach a whole other level. Even with photojournalism, the photographer’s personality needs to help the subject forget that they are there. When the camera becomes secondary, the whole of human existence can be captured.

I LOVE photographing people in their environments. I’ve been told I have a lighthearted, easygoing, even quirky, personality. Whether it’s working with a stylist, an art director or everyday person, I know what is needed to get a good photograph while dispelling any anxiety and making people comfortable.

Further, my background in graphic design provides a keen perception of what will make an ad or other marketing collateral pop. My knowledge of layout and content requirements enables me to capture an image that goes beyond art to work in the commercial world.


While my skills as a photographer continue to grow through experience, my enthusiasm for certain types of photography has grown as well. My experience makes me a versatile photographer, but my self-awareness recognizes that my strengths and passion are for certain types of photography. I am not a photographer who does everything for anyone who asks. What I am is a commercial and editorial photographer. Capturing life as it happens and using my skills to influence others is what I love.

Whether it’s capturing the strength of an executive in a corporate portrait, staying on brand with product photography, recognizing the beauty of design through interior and architectural photography, or the culinary excellence of a chef through food photography, I use my art to capture the passion of others.


What good is it to know when to click the shutter if that final image comes in too late? I have streamlined my editing and Photoshop skills to help expedite projects and speed up delivery of images. Having worked as a photojournalist, I know the importance of a deadline. I am punctual, thorough and I always endeavor to deliver ahead of schedule.


Arkansas Portrait Photographer