Beth Hall Photography

Photography is not just what I do, it is who I am. Beth Hall Photography is how I get to do what I love every single day. I started my career by earning a B.A. in photography and graphic design at the University of Arkansas in 1999. With a degree in hand, I had a stint in studio work before spending seven years as a photojournalist, capturing the art and essence of people and places. In 2006, I created Beth Hall Photography and have been doing what I love as a commercial, editorial, product, and food photographer ever since for local and national campaigns. Along the way, I have taken every opportunity to advance my skills and learn from those around me. I know photography is both an art and a science. The more a photographer understands composition and light as well as the technical capabilities of the equipment, the greater the art they are able to create.

The job is more than taking a good picture. An easy going manner and likable personality go a long way toward putting people at ease when the camera is pointed their way. Whether it’s working with a stylist and art director on location or an everyday person in my studio, I know what is needed to work as a team player and get a good photograph. Additionally, my background in graphic design provides a keen perception of what will make an ad or other marketing collateral pop. My knowledge of layout and content requirements enables me to capture an image that works in the commercial world. Whether it’s capturing the strength of an executive in a corporate portrait, staying on brand with product photography, recognizing the beauty of design through interior and architectural photography, or the culinary excellence of a chef through food photography, I use my art to capture the passion of others.
But, what good is it to know when to click the shutter if that final image comes in too late? Having worked as a photojournalist, I know the importance of a deadline. I am punctual, thorough and I always endeavor to deliver ahead of schedule.

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I’ll capture the perfect shot for you on location or in my studio.